Epic Poetry in Brazil: Literary Innovation and Debate in the 19th Century | E-book

Autor: Roger Friedlein, Marcos Machado Nunes and Regina Zilberman (Eds.)
Categoria: eBooks
Idioma: Inglês
Páginas: 132
Editora: Oikos

In nineteenth-century Brazil, epic poems might appear to belong to a literary genre that has already left behind the high points of its history. However, as in many of the transformations that mark this period, the past cannot be fully supplanted. Marked by innovation, by transgression and, equally, by the intention to dialogue with a millenary literary tradition, a series of epic texts will be published or remain in fragment or project, with different degrees of ambition and canonicity. This publication presents a collection of studies that deals with the situation of epic poetry - between tradition and innovation - in Brazil in the nineteenth century, both in the texts and in the debate they trigger.
ISBN 978-65-5974-142-7
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