Decoloniality and justice: theological perspectives

Autor: Jean François-Roussel (editor)
Categoria: Religião/Teologia/Bíblia
Idioma: Inglês, francês e espanhol
Páginas: 200
Editora: Oikos

The ramifications for liberation of the Northern and Southern Countries are constantly intermingling and they reflect on a wider scale those of the whole planet. This collection of papers in English, Spanish, and French comes from the seventh World Forum on Theology and Liberation (WFTL) held in Montreal, Canada, 8 -13 of August 2016. This WFTL was the first that have taken place in a country of the northern hemisphere. The essays address various global aspects of liberation and justice from a global, planetary perspective, including justice to Indigenous peoples, gender justice, ecology, interfaith dialogue, migrations, and economy, and more. A strong emphasis is put on decoloniality. One can see how the decolonial approach that developed in Latin America has expanded into other continents, especially to North America.

ISBN 978-85-7843-766-4